Welcome to Viktor’s Legacy Custom Gunsmithing


At Viktor’s Legacy Custom Gunsmithing, our mission is excellence in craftsmanship and service, one gun at a time.

Viktor’s Legacy Custom Gunsmithing provides comprehensive services, including custom gun manufacturing, gun customization, gun restoration, and gun repair. At Viktor’s Legacy, we want everyone¬†to have the opportunity to enjoy the shooting sports!


Custom building, customizing:

Viktor's Legacy Rack CardWe will partner with you to help you achieve your goals for a gun that fits like a glove, shoots like a dream, meets your needs, and represents you. We provide a full array of custom finishes and colors.


Repair & Restoration

We offer complete diagnostic and repair services. We will consult closely with you to identify your goals for gun restoration.

  • Heirloom guns are “priceless” due to their sentimental value, and may be considered for full refinishing or restoration, if the goal is to use or display the gun, without expectation for increase in cash value.
  • “Collector” guns can be reduced in value during cleaning and restoration processes. We will provide guidance on what should and should not be done with your “collector” gun. Our top priority is to preserve value.