Repairs, full and partial restorations, scope mountings, cleanings, welding and everything in-between. We service almost all makes and models of firearms including black powder and antiques. We also specialize in re-assembling firearms from parts (aka "bag-o-gun") and locating hard to find replacement parts.


We do not work on air rifles or BB guns but can point you  in the right direction for those types of repairs based on what you need done.


(We are factory trained and certified by Cerakote!)

Cerakote is an extremely durable polymer-ceramic composite finish that is sprayed onto a specially prepped surface. Typically it is cured by baking, however there are many options which are air cured as well. Cerakote is also extremely corrosion resistant and can be applied to almost all metals, plastic and wood. There are hundreds of colors available which allow for many different looks ranging from simple single color applications to multiple color patterns.


We are able to perform a number of services while you wait including most sight changes, bore-sighting, muzzle device swaps, barrel and castle nut torqueing, as well as other minor work.


Machining services are offered such as RMR cuts, slide serrations, sight dovetails, lightening cuts. We also thread barrels for suppressors, and thread/chamber barrel blanks in basically any caliber.

For our custom builds we specialize in long range precision rifles, hunting rifles, 1911s and AR platforms.


Hot salt bluing, or black oxide, is a durable jet black finish that can be applied to carbon steel. The process involves prepping the surface of the metal and then placing it into a tank of boiling water containing the bluing salts. Its final finish is dependent on how the metal is prepared whether it be sand blasted or high polished. This is the classic finish that can be found on most firearms.


AKA Color Case Hardening- Case hardening is a unique process commonly found on older firearms such as lever action rifles and shotguns, specifically the receivers. Case hardening happens in a kiln at over 1300°F with a mixture of bone and wood charcoal. The end result is a random and stunning mix of blues, tans, reds and oranges that is unlike any other process out there. After the process is complete it is typical that either a lacquer or Cerakote clear gets applied. 


Rust bluing is commonly found on the barrels of older firearms such as lever action rifles and shotguns, specifically side by side shotguns due to its low temperature application. It has a deep blue-ish black appearance and is stunning on classic firearms. Sadly it is no longer common with new firearms due to the amount of labor involved. There are two types of rust bluing; Belgian and slow rust... We are able to perform both types!


Very commonly used by most U.S. manufacturers until WWII, there are very few gunsmiths still performing this process. Carbona bluing is deep black in appearance however it shines almost like black chrome. Carbona was typically found on pistols.


Niter bluing is another unique process that is uncommon in modern firearms. Typically found on small parts like safeties, triggers, extractors, etc., niter bluing has a bright peacock blue, purple and gold appearance.

If you need a service not listed here, contact us! We offer so much more than what is listed above!
We also offer custom accessibility options and adaptations to enable persons of all abilities to enjoy the shooting sports.
We are dedicated to customer satisfaction! If you are dissatisfied for any reason we want to hear about it!