We received a wonderful testimony from a great customer!

Viktor’s Legacy are the best gunsmiths I have encountered in 25 years and I have engaged dozens of them.  Some of those were nationally known and written up in Gun magazines.  Viktor’s is superior in almost every way from the quality of the work, service, and technical expertise.  Jim and Jamey treat every customer from the professional competitor, to the novice who inherited a firearm from his dad and has no idea to addicts like me who seem to have a new project every other day – like they were the most important.  Jim is the best 1911 triggerman in the USA and Jamey does things to striker –fire that you did not think possible.

Everyone who has shot one of mine with Jim’s trigger work has dropped their jaws.  Jim worked on an STI DVC trigger that some professionals have said was it was the best trigger on one of those guns that they have ever shot.

Among the superior work that Viktor’s has done for me:  An accurized Kimber 1911 45 that shoots one-hole groups at 25 yards.  The STI DVC above with absolutely zero creep at a light trigger pull.  An assortment of handgun trigger jobs on short notice removing the creep and smoothing pull and mounting and zeroing scopes and sights etc.

I am always asking for a rush job and Viktor’s always accommodates me at a very reasonable prices.  Jim and Jamey always take extra time with me making sure that I make the right decisions and spend extra time on my guns making sure that things are done right.  Where do you get that these days?  It is always a pleasure going there, talking to them and their wonderful customers.

The current project is an H&K VP9 slide milled to accommodate a red-dot sight and  – I think the first of its kind.  Hope it makes it to their face book page.

-R.L. Levin